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West Hills Ca Real Estate/First Time Home Buyers

                             First Time Home Buyers           

  Do You Really Need a Buyer's Agent?

 Why hire a buyer’s agent? For the simple reason that it will make your life easier and your home search time shorter.


In my last letter I explained my method of narrowing down the choices, so you only spend time looking at homes that are suitable. You’ll also know about every new listing as soon as it hits the market, because I get that information every morning. When I see a home that fits your “must have” list, I’ll alert you immediately. You won’t miss out on the perfect home because you didn’t notice it until it was under contract to someone else.


The second reason to have a buyer’s agent is to have someone who is working for you rather than for the seller. After all, your interests really are opposite. You want the best house for the least money. The seller wants the highest price he or she can get.


As your agent, I’ll help you present an offer to buy that protects your interests, and then I’ll negotiate the price and terms on your behalf.


When you work with the listing agent, that agent’s duty is to the seller, and you are on your own.


As your buyer’s agent I’ll not only negotiate on your behalf, I’ll keep your private information confidential. And that is important. When the seller’s agent knows how much money you can spend, why you’re moving, details about your life that would indicate an urgency to buy, or the fact that you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the house, your negotiating position is destroyed.


And in case you’re wondering, there’s no additional cost to having a buyer’s agent on your side. Both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent are paid from the transaction. So the cost to you is the same whether or not you have representation.


If you’re ready to begin your home search, get in touch today! You can call me at (818) 926-5425 or email me at Then we’ll set a time to get together and begin narrowing the search for your dream home.


The sooner we start, the sooner I’ll be handing you the keys to your new home.


Yours truly,


First Time Home Buyers-3 big Myths about Home buying


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