Using News as a Marketing Strategy. Does it Work?

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News site for real estate in the Town of Palm BeachHome purchases in the Town of Palm Beach have always had an international flair. It’s a world-class destination.  Town of Palm Beach Property [] is a news and marketing site for sellers in town and for international buyers throughout the world.

It’s no secret that international buyers are purchasing real estate in the United States. [Read Wall Street Journal Report] The trend is continuing. Of the approximately $1.07 trillion in existing-home sales between March 2010 and March 2011, approximate $41 billion dollars-worth were purchased by foreign buyers.

This site has two purposes:

1. Establish as the leading source of information on Palm Beach residential real estate and international buyers.

2. Provide traffic and leads (sellers and buyers) to the realtor that is the publisher of the site.

We just launched.  There is international and local magazine and website advertising to drive traffic to the site.

What do you think? Will it work?


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