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We have a house in Ridgefield, Ct where we were staying last weekend when the Northeast was pounded by an early snowstorm. The event started earlier than predicted, dropped far more snow and wrecked more havoc with downed trees and wires than the recent Hurricane Irene. As I write large parts of the town are still without power.

But it is Sunday morning that I wanted to write about. As my neighborhood woke up to the day, it looked so wild - with a deep blanket of snow and trees and limbs everywhere. The portable generators were not yet hooked up so it was very quiet. Slowly we all bundled up and commenced the clean up.

The snow was the perfect consistency to build a snowman so clearing the drive to the road was a long process. When I reached the road I noticed one of the neighbors hard a work with his chainsaw. Our neighbor Mary had lost two trees, one blocked her garage, the other the street. As she lives alone we all try to watch out for her and help with snow etc. In this case, it was trees first and then the clearing.

Across the street, I saw Ann with a shovel making slow progress. I figured her husband must be away on business as he’s always the one out. So off I went to help her. Turned out their snow blower was on the work bench in for some repairs. We worked as a team and got the drive cleared in due course.

As I was finishing I noticed yet another family out with shovels making slow progress on their long, deep drive. So off I went to their assistance. Their blower will in for the Fall tune-up - talk about bad timing. As we worked, I learned that Hope had just taken her cell phone over to an elderly neighbor whose service was via cable which was out. Hope didn‘t want her to be alone with no means to summon help as she had been post Irene.

As the morning progressed other neighbors appeared to help other neighbors and it struck me so clearly - this is what we as real estate professionals do - we are neighbors helping neighbors. We are building relationships, neighborhoods, towns and the future one client and one sale at a time. Like clearing snow it can be exhausting and time consuming but it also brings enormous satisfaction for a job well done.

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