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Are you the type of person that just can't seem to get a break when searching for a new home to buy? Every time you begin house hunting it just seems like you can never find the right house that you want. Wouldn't it be great to have a subdivision that hosted a large variety of houses, big and small, that were built using an assortment of architectural styles? And on top of that, the homes would be at a largely average price, and would include a lot of special amenities that came with being a homeowner. If this sounds like something that is too good to be true, then perhaps it's time to introduce yourself to the Devonshire Homes for Sale. No longer will you stumble around, wondering where to search for the perfect home. You also will not need to enlist the aide of real estate agents who will only cause you to waste time! You surely will be bale to find what you are looking for with the Devonshire Homes for Sale.

The Devonshire Homes for Sale are located within Spring, TX. and can be reached by driving a short 2.5 miles from I-45 off of Cypresswood. They are located within the Oaks of Devonshire and Devonshire Woods Subdivisions, which together with the nearby Louetta Lakes forms a joint Oaks of Devonshire Home Owners Association(HOA). The former two are lovely wooded areas filled with an abundance of stately oak and magnolia trees, and the ocassional crepe myrtles. On average, most of the homes cost betweek $130k and $200k, and between Oaks of Devonshire and the Devonshire Woods, there are around 600 homes. The houses were mostly built in the $80k's and $90k's using a wide variety of styles and despite their age are still in superb condition.

The HOA annual fee is set at a reasonable $450...not much to pay considering that most of it goes towards the twice a week trash service and securtiy patrols. In fact, compared to all the other outlying neighborhoods in Spring, Texas that have the same amenity level, the Oaks of Devonshire have the most agreeable HOA fee. They are completely dedicated to creating one of the finest residential areas in Spring, TX, and it certainly shows. Thanks to the Devonshire Homes for Sale, a great bargain is never too far away.

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