Real Estate in Topeka, Kansas and where it is heading!

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Legacy Partners, Inc.

Yesterday I had to honor to attend a young business professionals networking lunch and while at the lunch I had a conversation with a few of the next generation agents/owners/brokers in our town.  One of the recurring themes to each agent is the need for our local board to start living today and the future and not in the past. 


One of the biggest problems that we face is that, Topeka Area Brokers are very old school.  They still believe in complete control, black and blue ink signatures, and IDX solutions being controls by the association and not their own agents (or even given to the agents for their sites).  This baffles many of the Younger Agents in Topeka, Kansas.  We see brick and mortar not being as big of a concern anymore, Ipads and Smartphone’s being able to sign contracts on the go and paperless truly becoming just that, Paperless.


So with all of this, as a young group of leaders on their way up in Topeka, Kansas, we feel we’re a mere few months away from really turning a new leaf here and realizing that there are so many good things out there.  We need to work together to make each other successful.  Our board decreased to less that 50% over the last 3 years and this has a lot to do with not only the times but the unwillingness of brokers and owners to move into the future and not live in the past or present anymore!  

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