Portfolio private loans - Commercial, Multifamily, Residential fix and flips - close in 10 days

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Portfolio and Private Loans for Commercial, Multifamily, Mixed-use, Residential or Construction - Close in 7-10 days
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Service Area: CA and Nationwide
Years of Service: 17
Service Type: Real Estate
Market Focus: Premium
  • CA DRE # 01893519
  • Equity Based Lending
  • Typically 3 years Interest-only
  • No Limit on number of financed properties
  • Loans available to the General Public, Builders, Investors, Mortgage Brokers and Realtors
Click on the Links below for Loan Scenarios, Retail and Wholesale Loan Submissions or Broker Approvals.

We close California Portfolio Equity based, Private Money Loans in 7-10 days.

Rush my File, Inc. is a Full Service Private Money Lender focused on getting equity based deals funded fast through custom designed financing structures for Residential, Multifamily, Commercial and Construction Loans that are challenged by today’s conventional lending approaches because every deal is unique. We believe in “make sense” underwriting rather than just looking at ratios and numbers. With today’s rigid conventional underwriting guidelines, Rush my File, Inc. has become an important source of capital for borrowers.

For Loan Scenarios :
Email me the completed Loan Scenario Form and call me directly at : 562-344-LOAN.

Retail submission (for Individual borrowers, Investors and Builders) :
1. Fill out and submit Loan Submission Form, then call me directly.
2. Loan Summary, include loan details, debt servicing, and exit strategy.
3. Call or email to complete a Loan Application or send a 1003 pdf.
4. Recent Appraisal or Pictures (If available)
5. Recent Credit Report

Wholesale submission (for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors) :
1. Fill out and submit Broker approval package (email directly to me, I will be your Account Executive).
2. Fill out and submit Loan Submission Form.
3. Loan Summary or Executive Summary for Commercial, Multifamily or Construction - including loan details, debt servicing, and exit strategy.
4. 1003 pdf or Fannie Mae 3.2 File
5. Recent Appraisal or Pictures (If available)
6. Recent Credit Report

The turn-time for a Letter of Intent (LOI) is currently 48 hours with Retail or Wholesale submission.

Thank you,

Bob Thompson
Account Executive
Rush my File, Inc.
(562) 344-LOAN
Bob Thompson, Account Executive
(562) 344-LOAN
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Bob Thompson
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