Collapsing the housing market was the first domino.

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If you know about Saul Alinsky and believe that many Elitist including the Obama's and Clinton's are following his teachings you know that the following is accurate and true.
Being a fairly high producing Realtor (averaging 80 sales annually and 300 short sale approvals) the events of the last decade have weighed heavily on heart and mind. Since the early 2000's, I have been trying to figure out why the lenders were making mortgage loans they knew could and would never be repaid. These absurd loans were referred to as Liar Loans, Stated Income Loans and NINJA Loans (No Income, No Job, No Assets). If my facts and research is correct, if lenders did not make these loans they would have been held in violation of Federal law.
Today, I finally got it and put one of the largest pieces of he puzzle together. As part of the precision and brilliantly executed plan to destroy the economic system of America and establish the New World Order the collapse of the dollar has to happen. The housing market is the largest segment of the economy and they had to fail it. With the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 and the enactment of the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act in 1999 what would have been criminal activity by the banks was decriminalized. With the signing of the act Bill Clinton, et al set the first domino in motion to collapse the American Economic System. I am not sure where Bush was in the plan, but with the election of Obama the wrong people were put in place to affect any recovery of the economy and did just the opposite as they were, in fact, on the same economy collapsing agenda,
With the election of Obama the NWO's plan exponentially moved forward to the point that the housing market's recovery is highly unlikely and the dominos are now falling in rapid succession nearing the end of the line. The members of the NWO were also counting on the electorate continuing not to seek knowledge, to remain uninformed, would be ignorant, apathetic and believe the propaganda they were being feed.
Congratulations to all the elitist who read it correctly are now 1st and goal to a complete shut out with their last few dominos just now striking the remaining few in the line...
And, now you know why there is no cohesive viable plan for recovery of the housing market
Short Sales 101:


1, $10 trillion has been lost in the equity of 130 million homes since the bubble burst.
2. $93.5 billion will be squandered in 2011 by needlessly foreclosing on 1.2 million homes
3. $77,935 cost to foreclosure on the average home according to, "Mortgage News Daily"
4. 1 out of 6 homes are in mortgage default. Florida is the 2nd largest foreclosure state.

Friends don't let friends get foreclosure. 70-85% of foreclosed home owners never listed their home. .

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