A New Home for the Children's Country Home

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It's always a great day in Woodinville, WA, (http://www.ci.woodinville.wa.us/)  a great city located a few miles out of Seattle.  And no wonder that its residents love living in Woodinville.   There are great neighborhoods & homes, parks, shopping, movie theatres and restaurants,(http://www.herbfarm.com/)  some of the Puget Sound area's best rated and most coveted schools (http://www.nsd.org/) plus an ever growing number of wineries! (http://www.ste-michelle.com/  http://www.columbiawinery.com/)  The lifestyle combines country living with big city amenities. 

And in this modern day utopia, there are people that still care for their fellow human beings.  Take Lisa Norrgard for example.  Lisa, an optician, is also an artist.  When a space opened next door to her and her husband's thriving Woodinville practice, they decided to annex the space and turn it into an art gallery. (The Gallery at Norrgard's Optik) The result is a cheerful space where local Woodinville artists can display their artwork.  But there is another  reason for the art gallery; Lisa says that the gallery is the "completion of why we are here."  The Norrgard's decided that their art gallery would exist to do some good in the community.  The Norrgards decided that they would not charge the artists a commission when their artwork sells.  Instead, the artists would donate a percentage (of their choice) of the sales proceeds to a charity.  Response by local artists has been overwhelming and the gallery is filled with artwork.  It is a wonderful space and also great for patients coming in for eye exams or having eyewear prescriptions filled to have paintings to focus on with their "new" eyes!  

Attending a recent Woodinvlle Chamber of Commerce event, Lisa found a great cause for her art gallery; she learned of the plight that many severely handicapped children in Woodinville face as they reach the tender age of 18.  Up until their 18th birthday, these  children are cared for  in a special home called A Children's Country Home. 

Unfortunately, the home is not big enough, nor set up to continue to care for the children once they reach adulthood.  For many of these medically fragile children, it means a  future where they have no professional care givers.  It is also very traumatic for the children to suddenly be separated from other children, and a home, that they had known since their early childhood. 

Lisa immediately set to work to help benefit the Children's Country Home.  It is estimated that it will cost approximately $3 million to purchase land and build a house that can be a home to these children for the rest of their lives.  A home where they will continue to receive the best of care and be with their childhood companions. Lisa decided to kick-start the drive for the $3 million, through a benefit celebration and reception.  The event will take place starting at 5 pm on December 8th.  Tickets cost $10 each and there are fabulous raffle prizes. 

It is wonderful that there are still people like Lisa Norrgard in this world that help make it a better place for all of us! To find out more information regarding Woodinville's Children Country Home, or to purchase tickets, contact Lisa at lisanorrgard@yahoo.com

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