It's on Sale

Services for Real Estate Pros with Red Brick Lending LLC

Warren Buffett's mentor Benjamin Graham viewed the stock market as a store and he would say if prices were down just think of it as though its a store that is having a sale and don't be afraid to buy when the market is having a sale. You can view the real estate market also as being a store and right now that store has a great sale going on right now. As in anything in life you have to sieze the moment because you never know when the sale is going to end.  It does not matter what your favorite thing to shop for whether it is high end scotch whiskey, shoes, clothes, handbags, video games, you love to buy those items when they are on sale because you are getting more for your dollar. Right now real estate prices are low and interest rates for home loans are at historic lows so I ask you  would you leave your favorite store if they announced that they are having a sale. This sale could be the perfect opportunity for someone who has never owned a home to become a homeowner or someone looking to buy an investment property. This is an opportunity for you to learn about all the various loan options that are available and make a purchase during this great sale that is going on. But keep in mind as any great sale at your favorite store the sale does not last forever. At Red Brick Lending we have loan options with 3.5% downpayment also 100% fiancing options are available for you to be able to take advantage of this great sale that is going on right now.

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