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Blogging about anything can be a little scarey because of the vast amount of blogger's out there that have their own opinions, thoughts and ideas about what is happening in their corner of the world, myself included.

There are government programs out there that are 'designed' to assist the homeowner with their distressed property situation and the information that goes along with each of those programs is down right overwhelming and scarey...even for me, a seasoned Realtor who studies the old, current and up and coming programs on a daily basis.

So what to do as a homeowner? First, know that you are not alone. The population, at large is underwater and while not all are struggling to make their payments, it is estimated that one third of the population is underwater.

Secondly, consult an educated Realtor, an Attorney and a advise, try to avoid the internet. The information on the internet can often be incorrect, outdated or just the opinion of the individual writing the article. Also, to see if you qualify with any of the government programs, it is best to seek out individuals who are educated in this area and who are capable of walking you through the steps; also be aware, however, that just because you are eligible in the initial phases of the program, does not mean that you will be successful at the end...while the government is trying to make homeownership programs available, there are still many 'bugs' in the system that need to be fixed.

And third, know that you are not alone. I realize I've said that already, but in talking to homeowners, it is a challenge that we often have to overcome. Many homeowners believe, and rightfully so, that they made a promise, signed a contract, and sink or swim, will hold up their end of the bargin. Homeownership is an American dream that is suffering right now and adding a 'sink or swim' thought process to the mix doesn't help. Homeownership should be and is attainable and it shouldn't be a 'cross to bear'; if you are struggling, please seek out advice from a reputable Realtor, someone with an education to back up what they say, and figure out what the best solution is for you....

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Pat Champion
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Great blog and good information to have it does pay to have an experienced Realtor working for you and on your team.

Nov 06, 2011 03:33 AM
Devona Garrigus
Garrigus Real Estate - Redlands, CA
REALTOR® / Short Sale Specialist


I sometimes refer to potential short sale sellers as having their heads in the sand. And I don't mean to be derogatory. I would do the same thing... I have done the same thing! It's hard not to hide from a serious financial problem, but that is the worse thing that a distressed homeowner can do.

Nov 06, 2011 03:40 AM
Heidi Tourangeau
Keller Williams Realty East Valley - Tempe, AZ

Thanks Pat! And, I do truly believe that education is the ONLY way out of this and into a more stable market....although, I do believe this one is here to stay for a while :)

And Devona, you couldn't be more right and I too am guilty of putting my head in the sand concerning financial matters or when something is so overwhelming that I just simply do not want to try and understand it! Those homeowners, the ones with their head in the sand, are also the homeowners that need our assistance the most!!

What can we do to help them pull their head out :) 

Nov 06, 2011 03:55 AM