I'm drooling over the Yamaha R6. I really like this street bike...

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Carolyn Tann Starr 2011

I'm drooling over the Yamaha R6. I really like this street bike...


I am 150 pounds so I require a relatively light bike. You have to be able to pick it up if you fall down. My gal pals sort of do a backwards butt squatt when they have to tilt their bikes up off the ground so I'm on the prowl for something gorgeous that I can handle.

Jen has an R6 so of course I want one (silly grin). May not happen any time soon but it's now on my bucket list. I can see this going with my saddle bag when I pack up my laptop, pick an outside office and write whatever the cartoons in my head decide to do while hanging out people watching in Starbucks. Wont work with my Korg carrying habits but I've got my little Hyundai for that so I'm thinking this will eventually be my author toy (when I grow up as a writer).

My kids will be thrilled and probably relegate it to the status and awe of having a big hot wheel car motocycle-shelf to prop their toys on. I can definitely see Stephen and Noah pretend driving this puppy. I've never driven one because I tend to hold on and play Biker B*tch with my gal pals (evil grin). My Dad had a gorgeous Harley 1200 touring bike and I used to love having him give me rides to Riker's Island before he moved south. I'd go in full uniform and people would mistake it for a LEO bike because it was predominately blue and white (LOL). Dang... I miss New York already (sigh).

At least there will be lots of playful mischief when I land in TX. There are some stellar authors and bloggers waiting for me (happy sigh). ;-) Here's one habit I'm not giving up:

Carolyn Tann Starr 2011  

My TX gal pals have already picked out where I'm writing for my RNR trip. ;-)



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Dick Greenberg
New Paradigm Partners LLC - Fort Collins, CO
Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate

Hi C - That is one nasty looking machine. I think you should go get one immediately. I used to road race (AMA Juniors, factory Yamaha 350), and there is nothing else like sparks flying from an exhaust system touching the pavement as you're hanging off the saddle, leaned over in a 90 mph turn. I get very crazy when I get on two wheels, so I haven't ridden for years, but I dream about it.

Nov 06, 2011 04:28 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Dick, you actually have my heart racing with wicked anticipation. I love your description. I can't wait to settle in and eventually go shopping for one. :-)

Nov 06, 2011 04:30 AM
Rob Burns
Florida Homes Realty - Jacksonville, FL
Rob Burns

I just bought a new bike to "save on gas" unfortunatly most of my meetings require I wear a suit and the bike has been sitting for the better part of a month. I did get down to biketoberfest in Daytona Beach last month, what a blast. Hey you only live once!

Nov 06, 2011 04:42 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Rob, I'm ditching my dress code and already gave half my business suits and all of my formal wear away (LOL). I am officially a sneaker and hiking boot kinda gal (silly grin). ;-)

Nov 06, 2011 04:47 AM
Cheryl Johnson
Highland Park, CA

I am trying to visualize just what a "backwards butt squatt" would look like, but I am having a bit of difficulty with it.  Could you shoot some video and post it, please?  Enquiring minds, and all that stuff.  :-)

Nov 06, 2011 07:30 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

ROTFL @ Cher. It would require I tip a bike over. Of course if I do it deliberately that would probably start a cat fight (LOL). However, the next time we manage to fall off together I will whip out the camera and score you some butt squatt video (evil grin).

If Jen is up for the scientific experiments involved in custom crafting you a motorcycle YouTube I'll get back to you on this issue. If it will get me back to NYC she may actually consider it (silly grin). A lot of people are pouting about me moving so far away. The bribes to come back and visit are really getting interesting. I am going to enjoy being a roving house guest when I do eventually get back (LOL). ;-)

Nov 06, 2011 07:45 AM
Deb Brooks
Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas - Wichita Falls, TX


I have a friend that has a spouse that just bought one of these. It is in turquoise and it's awesome. I got to ride around Houston on it. Whew, what a bike!

Nov 06, 2011 10:33 AM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

Sa-weet! Deb, this thing is a work of art. I am soooooo in awe of it. When I do eventually get one it will be a high-light of my second childhood (happy sigh). ;-)

Nov 06, 2011 10:41 AM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

I'll rock that badboy! I want one hahaha!

Nov 06, 2011 03:00 PM
C Tann-Starr
Tann Starr & Associates, Inc. - Palm Bay, FL

LOL@Laura. Maybe we can rock that puppy together. Looking forward to it. ;-)

Nov 06, 2011 03:18 PM