HOUSE PAYMENTS LESS THEN RENT? Just might be the no-brainer idea of 2012.

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Cathy McAlister in Sacramento has written a great post, illustrating why many renters should consider buying a new home.  Prices and interest rates have combined to make buying more appealing, and you just may find that you pay LESS to own your own home, with your monthly payment locked in instead of being at the mercy of a landlord that will raise the rent at every opportunity.  

Rents are going up, investors are buying homes in huge numbers in order to make a monthly income as well as cash in once prices go up again.  Take control of your living situation by investing yourself.  Don't think you can buy?  Let's analyze your situation and work toward fixing things so that you can buy at the earliest possible time.  If you're looking to live in the Corona, Norco, or Eastvale area I can help find the right place.  Give me a call today! (951) 515-5308

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HOUSE PAYMENTS LESS THAN RENT?  Just might be the no-brainer idea of 2012.


This year has brought a definite change relative to first time home buyer motivations.  Particularly here in Sacramento.   Since mid summer, every single first time home buyer has expressed as their primary reason to buy, was to control their housing expense.  While price was important, they are seeing the value in property prices knowing full well that prices may continue to adjust.  Not so much about rates (they like the 4% or less range).  But the plain old fashioned drive to lock in their housing expense for the long term.

The buyers I represent do not see enough market stability relative to home prices and rates.  Along with that is a real concern that rental costs will climb and maybe home prices and/or rates will leave them behind.  So, if they cannot control price and rates, and they cannot control rental costs; the only choice remaining is to become buyers.   They feel the sales prices are decent and they know rates are great.  My buyer's are taking title on homes with payments that are very affordable and maybe provide the opportunity to pay off early.    They are beginning to trust in themselves to choose wisely and that their entry point in the market has arrived.   

The best example of this was a closing last month for one very smart single mom.  She was in a lease on a nice 3/2, 2 car garage at $1300.00 per month.  She acquired an identical model match in her neighborhood (10 houses away) with a new FHA.  Her new house payment was under $800.00 with PITI.  Yes... under $800.00.  The home was solid, needed a little paint and freshening up but nothing major to do.    Starting in month ONE she saves $500.00, $6000 in a year and $60,000.00 in 10 years.  She plans to have this home paid for in that time.   

In my eyes she made the deal of the year and realized the locking in your housing expense in the Sacramento market was the no-brainer decision of the year.    She was so happy at close.  To know that she could take care of her families housing expense no matter what came her way; and that they had their own place to live in and enjoy while they ride out the balance of our economic downturn.

Control your housing costs?  Seems like a no-brainer to this Sacramento Realtor.



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Joe Petrowsky
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It's a no brainer right now. Over 50% of first time home buyer clients that I do mortgages for, end up with a lower mortgage payment, than what they are paying for rent.

Nov 06, 2011 12:25 PM
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Jul 27, 2012 11:29 AM