Why I love The Woodlands -- the things you can see

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The Woodlands has branded itself as a great place to "live, work and play" -- and in this case, the brand is reality.

One of the things I love most about The Woodlands is its respect for the environment and a desire to merge the best aspects of community with the surrounding natural environment.

Take the bike trails, for example, where more than 160 miles of pathways and trails link the various residential villages and commercial areas in The Woodlands.

Those trails not only provide an excellent means of enjoying the great outdoors and getting in a good run or bike ride -- they are an opportunity to see some truly beautiful little gems of nature.

Take this view below, for example, of Shadow Lake, off Lake Woodlands. I captured this scene on an early morning run:

This is part of a neighborhood park. It is just a short walk away from a nearby residential village. You can't see them in this photo, but off to the right is a fishing pier where kids can dip a line in the water.

After I posted the above photo on Facebook, one of my friends responded with this post:

"Driving home yesterday I saw a bald eagle flying over Woodlands Parkway. It added to a beautiful morning."

Here's another shot I took while running the trails:

The Woodlands is dotted with scenes like these. And with 160 miles of trails and pathways -- you've got plenty to see!


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