I Give a Heck About APEC - Aloha Delegates!!

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Search all Oahu Realtors Properties for sale hereThe meeting of international, multicultural representatives to talk trade in Hawaii is not just a one time event of importance.  That the meeting is being held in Honolulu, gives Oahuans and Hawaii the opportunity to once again present ourselves as the crossroads of the Pacific and the mediator in cultural differences in an ever expanding global world.

The East-West Center, supposedly the mecca for international diplomacy and the center for efforts as the crossroads of the Pacific, has unfortunately become a political pawn and it's effectiveness relegated to back-door ivory tower acadamia.  But in a few short days, we, the 99%, get to show with our Aloha how many cultures can live together and blend without losing our individual cultures.

That the citizens of Hawaii will miss a few days beachfront at Kapolei or have to avoid H-1 - which is always a good idea in my honest opinion - and use the back shortcuts is minor; besides the drive is prettier and reminds you why you live Hawaii!

So smile, check out your shortcuts, skip going to the parks near or in Waikiki, Ala Moana, or Kapolei this weekend and let the big guys talk trade. Oh, and if any of the delegates are interested in a vacation home in Hawaii, give me a call!!

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