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Sorry Home Sellers, Your Home Won't Sell for What You THINK It's Worth

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Lately, I've had one appointment after another, where homeowners are trying to tell us what their home is worth for one reason or another. The market in Greater Vancouver was pretty hot earlier in 2011, but it has completely shifted to a Buyer's market now that it's later in the year. It seems to me that a lot of homeowners don't understand is that painting the interior walls will not raise your price 200k, and what your Electrician friend said about the market, probably doesn't have a lot of foundation.

If you want your home to sell, you have to listen to the experienced Real Estate Professionals. It is our job to know what the market is doing, and we study it every day. When we show up at your house with an evaluation on your property prepared for you, that means we've done the math, crunched the numbers, and thoroughly analyzed your property's value.

Don't shoot the messenger if you don't like the price, we just interpret the market. If you don't listen to an honest agent who tells you what your house will sell for, then your best bet is to go list with a Realtor who will price your house at what you think it should be worth, and watch it sit on the market for months, and then expire.

List your house at market value, or you might as well not list it at all and go buy a lottery ticket.