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Port Moody has a lot of nice homes, and water-front property is a rare commodity. There are only about 400 properties in all of Greater Vancouver where you can have deep-water moorage to park your boat in your own backyard.

The only strip in Port Moody where this is possible is Alderside Road. From the street, a lot of these homes don't look all that appealing. This is because you are only able to see the garages, or carports, and a bit of the front of the home itself. From the water side, however, you can definitely see the luxuriousness that these homes have to offer.

This year the highest priced sale in Port Moody's history (excluding Anmore & Belcarra) took place on Alderside Rd. with a sale price of $2,700,000 at 820 Alderside Rd. As the population grows in Port Moody & Greater Vancouver, the demand for Port Moody waterfront property will grow enormously, especially with the foreign wealth coming to the area.

I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing waterfront property in Port Moody selling for close to $10,000,000 within another decade.

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