Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Floor It!
Hardwood and travertine marble are two of the more popular flooring materials being used in remodeling today, but they are probably not the best choices for the kitchen area.  Any kind of significant leak from the sink or dishwasher can cause extensive damage to hardwood floors and make for a rather expensive repair and travertine, though stunning, is very soft and brittle and probably won’t wear well in a high-traffic area like the kitchen.  There are a number of ceramic tile products on the market today that are just as stylish as natural stone but are a lot more durable.

Bon Apetit!
The “commercial look” is in!  Stainless steel finishes on the appliances is, and has been, the finish of choice for quite some time now replicating the look of a professional kitchen.  Following this same trend, many people are going for cleaner lines in their choice of trim and cabinetry in the kitchen, as well.

No Man Is An Island
Since most parties end up in the kitchen, one of the more popular amenities in kitchen remodeling is an over-sized, dual-purpose island that can be used for entertaining as well as food preparation.  This is somewhat of a throwback to how homes once had a kitchen table. Now, the kitchen table has become an island. Though, the island is a much more functional part of the kitchen than the table because it typically has cabinetry for additional storage and built-in appliances.

Wide Open Spaces
Another significant trend in kitchen remodeling is in opening up the kitchen space toWetbar Cabinet Linking Kitchen To Main Living Area make it more interactive with other entertaining spaces in the home, like the living room and dining room.  One of the more popular conduits being implemented to link the living room and the kitchen is a cabinet unit that doubles as a wetbar and a serving bar as seen here.

Whatever your personal design style is, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern or Country French, Quality Craftsman Inc can execute your kitchen remodeling project utilizing the latest in design trends, materials, finishes and fixtures on the market today...on budget
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