Sharing a vision: A thought on the broker's role in the Industry

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A broker, just like the agent's that work underneath them, is largely motivated by sales volume and expansion. Just as in any sales business, numbers count and without them there is no business to speak of. In life, there are always motivational forces driving us behind the actions we take, constantly taunting us to succumb to temptation and lose sight of our goals and our vision for the future. In Real Estate, brokers and agents alike are driven by the same numbers game, and often lose sight of all else, hindering a greater understanding of economic growth. Unlike many other professions, Real Estate training is virtually non-existent and typically amounts to little more than weekly meetings and informational sessions. For every agent that is successful in the Industry, there are many that don't make the cut. As a business, taking on additional partners is a necessity to boost sales volume although there is never a guarantee that a new associate will become an assett. In short, there is no guarantee because many brokers do not take the time to actively train and oversee the activities of their agents.

Having worked for multiple brokerages in the Real Estate Industry and several companies, I have been provided with some insight into the failings of agent recruitment and sales growth. The professional development of agents, whether they are new to the business or weathered experts, should be the priority of any brokerage. Weathered agents will, no doubt, have more experience and therefore require less training as well as have a larger client base. New and younger agents will have less experience and a smaller client base, requiring more training and development to meet the needs of the industry and the consumer. However, it is younger agents that will be more likely to employ technology in their business and provide for the future success of any brokerage. Taking a step away from sales growth and investing time and resources in the development of these younger agents is key to sustaining growth. Brokerages, by taking on a Real Estate Licensee, are taking on a business partner and all the responsibilities that come along with it. It is detrimental that these new recruits are afforded the opportunities and education necessary to gain standing and success in today's Real Estate market. 

Agents and Brokers are partners with the same goals, and if the brokerage is the right fit, the same vision of what is to come in the future. I was fortunate enough to find an office and broker that viewed this partnership in the same light, and took training and development very seriously. Darrin J. Friedman, Branch manager of the Branch Vice President of Coldwell Banker's Chevy Chase Office, is one of these forward thinking individuals. Under Darrin, training and development is a part of the daily interworkings of the office. Technology is the future of this industry and Coldwell Banker, as well as The Chevy Chase Office, has taken the steps necessary to advance. 


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