How to Choose Colours When Home Staging in the Toronto, Ontario Market

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Some people may be surprised to learn that when staging a home in a particular demographic such as Toronto, Ontario, the colours you choose can play a critical role in dictating whether or not the home staging will be successful.

Staged Home in Toronto, OntarioYou may or may not know there has been a long time fascination with how individuals respond to colour and there have been many studies which look at different factors to try and determine why it is some people can have such a strong response to a certain colour while other people do not.

Like any business developing a marketing strategy or creating signage or staging a home, the colours you choose can influence how receptive a particular demographic such as Toronto, will be towards the product you are selling.

The reason for this is simple.  Several studies have demonstrated that people react to particular colours in a certain way due to their geographic location.  The reason geography plays such an important factor in determining how a person perceives colour is because a person’s geographic location will dictate the amount and the type of light an individual is accustom to receiving. 

People who are located close to the equator are accustomed to direct sunlight, the rods and cones within their retina have developed in a way that makes them less sensitive to brighter colours. Individuals, on the other hand, who live in northern hemispheres and cities such as Toronto, Ontario, where they receive indirect amounts of sunlight have a more heightened sensitivity to colour and thus naturally prefer more subdued colours.

Now if you take this discussion one step further and consider why this is so relevant to home staging, like anyHome Staging Dining Room Toronto, Ontario business, the role of home staging is to sell your listing. Therefore like any other business, it is crucial that the same science be applied when staging your home in an effort to attract buyers.  After all, if you live in the Toronto area, what type of reaction to the colours in your home would you like your buyers to have?

In a nutshell, when staging a home in the Toronto, Ontario area, the colours you choose to put in your home should be softer and more subdued.

If you are interested in learning more about how colour can impact your business, please feel free to check out The American Society of Business and Behavioural Science (ASBBS). This organization studies the behaviour of individuals and how to create the right behaviour for your business, even when you’re in the business of selling homes.

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