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Spooky Halloween, are you scared this year...
You should be...Why...
Because, the world is coming to an end...
That's what the media would like us to believe, with all that scary  stuff out there...
    *   Mortgage Crisis 
    *   Upcoming Recession 
    *   Oil Prices are at record high's 
    *   Sagging real estate prices 
    *   Britney Spears "Losing Custody of her children" 
    *   Obesity Epidemic
The media in it's desperate need to fill 24 hours a day of talking head time and somehow attract jaded viewers.  The mass media are ever more eager to scare the hell out of you with the next dire prediction or over-hyped crisis.  They find it very hard to gather an crowd of viewers if reporting on the FED dropping the interest rate another point, one of the healthiest economies, greatest number of Americans ever invested in the markets,etc...That would be too BORING!
If you enjoy being scared, no reason to let this Halloween scare you, just turn on CNN or The Today Show.
SCREW IT! At some point we must grow up and refuse to be scared by the next boogey-man that the media has jumping out of the bushes.
I don't give a single dog patootie, how "slow" the market is or what the interest rates are.  Someone's getting married, getting pregnant,  getting promoted, getting transferred, getting divorced, a lot of people in America happen to be also getting Rich.  You know what?  They're all buying new houses, and somebody's getting those sales!
That's a metaphor for every business or every industry.
Very few people starve in America due to bad market conditions; Most people starve due to bad marketing and bad thinking.
How many real estate pros do you know that have just quickly,
cowardly, and lazily surrendered to the negative real estate market?
They buy the Doom and Gloom that Losers are spreading around.
If you do that, you are buying other's EXCUSES for not doing as well,as you should be doing in your real estate investing business.
Which is a very pricey purchase.
I believe in reasonable and prudent preparation as an investor and
an entrepreneur...But NEVER retreat...Never! 
Kill me first!  Kill Me!
The reason I share this with you this week, was from an event
I spoke at, and attended last week.
My good friend, asked me to come speak at their monthly meeting for Dade County mortgage brokers.  Prior to the meeting, I made my rounds speaking to a majority of some very sharp looking individuals.  90% of them were hosting their own personal pity party, I don't care if Pamela Anderson in a Bikini is hosting that pity party, I aint attending...NO WAY Bubba.  Not me, I'm not letting these losers cloud my thinking.
Meanwhile, an associate of mine who is a newer mortgage broker, just closed 17 deals for the September and October,
while taking his wife on a 10 day vacation as well.
Be Very Careful of what you let into your "personal computer".  I'm not talking about the one you type on...I mean your Brain.
Garbage in - Garbage out!
Mike Perl 

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