Your Reputation is Only as Good as The WORST Thing You’ve Ever Done

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Your reputation is everything!  This is not only true in real estate, but in any business-- and in life as well.  As a Realtor and a Home Stager, I work hard to maintain my reputation. 

Because I often refer my clients to other vendors for needs in their homes, I only refer them to people and businesses I know and trust.  My "go-to" people must reflect the same high standards I set for myself.  For me, there is no other way to do business!

Michele Rose is a Realtor and Professional Home Stager in Burlington County, NJ. She has been assisting both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs since 2004. In 2007, she founded Rose-Colored Staging, a home staging and redesign business, to help sellers successfully market their homes with professional home staging. She also stages listings for fellow agents, getting those listings sold!

Original content by Howard and Susan Meyers

Your Reputation is Only as Good as The WORST Thing You’ve Ever Done

    Yes, let me repeat that...Your reputation is only as good as the WORST thing you’ve ever done.  This is true in all aspects of life.  In the real estate business, your reputation is everything.  It provides you a platform for maintaining and growing your business.  It is what separates you from everyone else and allows you to shine above the crowd.  thumbs up
    It takes years to develop your reputation.  Hours and hours of putting yourself out there and letting the world see how you can add value to their real estate experience.  You have zero control over what people may say about you, so it is of the utmost importance that you do everything possible to insure that everyone who who comes into your world, views you in a very positive light. We are also viewed by the quality of service provided by the people we refer our clients to.  In reality, it is generally only the referrals who don’t provide superior service that we are remembered by.
    We have all made mistakes and of course we learn from them, but it is how we respond to those mistakes that leaves the most important impression.  If we make a mistake and don’t deal with it head on, it will be the thing that we are remembered for.  
     At this moment, the headlines are filled with stories about two very significant situations that relate to some very horrible things that may or may not have been done by public figures.  The people involved had spent their careers building a strong reputation of achievement and success.  Some of the reputations that are being soiled are of people who were not directly involved in the accused acts.  They are being judged for their inaction in reporting the deeds committed by others.  Although no one has admitted or been convicted of doing anything wrong, it is likely that all of the individuals involved will be remembered for the worst elements of the current claims. 

    Do the right thing and your reputation will take care of itself.

Susan and Howard Meyers

The Hudson Company

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