A Rosary bead for the soldiers that Bleed...a deep reflection on our Veterans.

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Ok...I didn't plan this "deep" post. I already wrote one today about 11-11-11, so here are 2 choices

If you want a deep post that is light and airy too... go here...

Mysterious Numbers making me Wonder...TELL ME, WHAT DOES IT MEAN ....11-11-11???

If you want a deep post that is heavy and profound...read on...


I appreciate everyone's Veteran's Day posts as they reminded me of how special today is for our country and our world. Those posts prompted me to offer up a rosary for the soldiers who have sacrificed so very much for us all.


If you are not familiar with the Rosary. It is a Christian prayer that is based on the life of Christ. You pray the "Our Father", "Hail Mary" and other prayers as you hold each bead, during which you are also called to meditate on many of the mysteries of Christ's life.

There are four sets of mysteries, Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and the new addition of the Luminous. Each day, a different set of mysteries is to be focused on. It just so happens that Friday is the day we reflect on Christ Sorrowful Mysteries as we remember his passion and the ultimate sacrifice of himself.

There are 5 mysteries a day and as I began to pray them and thinking about the sacrifices our soldiers have and continue to make I came upon some profound connections.



1st Sorrowful Mystery: "The Agony in the Garden"...

How lonely and abandoned He must have felt, no consolation, not even from his own Father. His friends asleep, having no idea how deeply he was suffering by the weight of the sins of the world and no one to share them with. So much mental anguish that is caused him to physically sweat blood. How so, must our soldiers relate to these feelings of abandonment as they sit in the trenches of war? Even those that do return with their life suffer greatly from the psychological scars that sometimes never heal.

2nd Sorrowful Mystery: "The Scourging at the Pillar"...

An innocent man, Bound and Beaten to the point that if he were not the Son of God he would have surely perished at the pillar. (If you have ever seen"The Passion" movie  you will understand the intensity of this event) How so, our brave men and women have endured great sufferings for no other cause than human freedom. They are accused of nothing but just scourged for the sake of what they stand for.

3rd Sorrowful Mystery: "Jesus is crowned with thorns and mocked by the soldiers"...

As if his broken body was not enough, they pierced his head with thorns, put a king's robe on him and spat in his face mocking him. How so does the soldier feel as he is pierced in spirit and taunted and mocked and spat on by the people in the streets and enemy soldiers.

4th Sorrowful Mystery: "Jesus takes up his cross"...

They say the deepest, most painful wound Christ felt was the one on his shoulder from carrying the cross. Falling several times under it's extreme weight, bloody face in the dust. How heavy are the crosses of those who serve. The weight is extreme yet they continue to walk on. 

5th Sorrowful mystery: "The crucifixion"...

Paying the ultimate price for our freedom. God in his wisdom sacrificed his only begotten Son.  Handed him over to the enemy who thought he had won the victory. How many Mothers and Fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters will feel the pain of the loss of their soldier. It is their sacrifice as well.

It did not please God to see his Son suffer. The only way God could even bear it was the wisdom to know that through His sacrifice, the Victory was won...  Triumph over evil and death itself!!


So today, as we remember, let's offer up all of our Veterans, those currently serving and all their loved ones to the one who knows as good as anyone what sacrifice means.

God be with them, God bless them, God bring them peace!






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Tammy Pearce
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Tammy Pearce

Val - very touching post!  I'm sure Veterans and their families will be blessed by your insight.

Nov 12, 2011 10:58 AM