Loan Specialist in Silverdale

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Loan Specialist in Silverdale
Washington; Shane McGraw


Shane McGraw, a VA loan specialist with Legacy Group Lending in Silverdale WA, is a highly intelligent and caringindividual, looking specifically to assist those around him as productively as he can.  As a loan specialist, Shane McGraw is dedicated to guaranteeing that the men and women of the armed forces can feel comfortable in knowing that they are working with a trusted advisor who will assist them in making the most informative decisions in regards to mortgages.  Shane also takes the time to make sure that the advice he gives as a loan specialist will be easily integrated into your major life goals and personal financial plans. 


Something you may ask yourself is who is Shane McGraw? Why should I trust him as my loan specialist?  Well, aside from being a loan specialist, Shane is also a disabled veteran, making it possible for him to relate with other veterans.  Shane is also a loving and dedicated father of three who understands the value of home and family, and is aware of how important picking the right loan specialist is when it comes to choosing a home that suits you and your family's needs.  He knows that a mortgage isn't just a loan from the bank; it's one of the most important financial planning tools one will ever have. 

Loan Specialist in Silverdale


Helping military families achieve home ownership is something that Shane, as an individual and as a loan specialist, prides himself on.  Shane loves being the Silverdale/Puget Sound VA loan specialist with helping others being one of his main motivations.  Shane McGraw; a loan specialist who prides himself on his job and his experienced abilities in the assistance of others.  Therefore, if you ever find yourself in Silverdale or the surrounding Puget Sound area, Shane McGraw is waiting for your call.  A loan specialist who truly cares about your goals and strives to meet your needs.

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