Juan Manuel Marquez teams up with Zen-ergy Bandz for big fight!

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Juan Manuell Marquez is one of the most dynamic boxers to reach boxing stardom within the last 20 years. Marquez has been considered one of the best pound-for-bound boxers ranging from Feitherweight to Welterweight. With over 59 wins (39 coming from Knock out) Marquez nows how to throw a knock out punch. That is why Jaun Manual Marquez has teamed up with Zenergy-Bandz. Zen-ergy™ Balance Bandz use performance technology designed to work with your body's natural energy flow. If you are feeling sluggish, down, or suffer from pain… Zenergy-Bandz will get your body back in balance. Take it from Jaun Manual Marquez, one of the best fighters to enter the boxing scene, and give Zenergy-Bandz a try today!

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