Here come the holidays

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Now that Halloween is over your thoughts are turning to Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Now is the perfect time to get planning for guest, food, entertainment, and yes all those school holiday events.  Enough to drive a mom crazy.

For Thanksgiving I do get off a lucky.  My sister loves to entertain and her husband loves to cook on his grill.  I just have to bring some sides and my apple pie. (no leftovers there)  Two days after Thanksgiving is when I kick it into gear. 

I start with getting the house prepared for all the decorations, moving furniture, and replacing a picture with a wreath.  I set up the Christmas tree, string all the lights around it, about 900-1100 lights.  Then that Saturday night I invite our childern's friends over to decorate the tree.  Couple hours later the adults are invited.  The kids get a big kick decorating, spending time with their friends, and eating pizza.  The parents come in a couple hours later and see how the children decorated the tree and ohh and ahh over it.  The next morning I am usually moving a few ornaments around.  Then that is done I place the tree in its corner and enjoy. 

Now it is a week and half before Christmas I am preparing for another tree decorating party this time at my parents' house.  Here I get to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends. Yes I have to make two of my famous taco dips, help the kids make ants on the log and help my mom with other preparations needed for a night of enjoyment.   

Two days before Christmas eve I am in the kitchen again this time preparing for two parties in a 24 hour period.  At lease I am making doubles of everything.  I make rumaki, asparagus and ham roll ups( my husband family loves those), of course a another pie or two, and brochettes.  Some I take to the inlaws on Christmas Eve and the other half I save for Christmas night, when I have neighbors over for an evening of delight. 

After it is done I thank God for the blessing that where placed on me and my families.

Feel free to e-mail me for any recipes.

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