QR Code Campaign Failures: 7+ Questions to Answer Before Launching

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Do you plan to utilize QR codes in your marketing program? If you do the following are some solid steps to consider when implementing your QR code campaign into your marketing mix.

Questions to Consider for  Your QR Code Campaign

1. Security: more articles are being written about malware that has been designed to completely disable your smartphone. Before creating your QR code campaign, research QR code security so that you can assure your consumers that they will remain malware free

2. Plan Your Goal(s): what do you want your QR codes to do for your business? Do you want them to showcase your product-service pages, videos, photos, ecommerce store or are you providing a buying incentive through a coupon?

3. Call to Action: once you have your purpose aka goals in mind what is your call to action? How are you going to get your prospects, consumers, clients, affiliates, and friends to perform an action you wish them to take?

4. QR Code Design: it has been called "robot barf" but what do you want your prospect to see when viewing your QR code? Is a standard code enough or do you need to find a designer QR Code theme?

5. Mobile Landing Page: if you think that you will simply link your QR code(s) to your website's pages you are in for trouble. There is nothing more annoying to a someone who takes the time to load a QR code than to get to the point of reading the information and realizing that it is not optimized for smartphone consumption. Simply put, unless your prospect-consumer has X-ray vision he/she will never be able to read your message.

Creating a mobile landing page that is optimized, allowing a smartphone user to read the text, is the key to any QR Code campaign. Without this component, don't bother trying to utilize QR codes.

6. QR Code Analytics: Mashable's Hamiliton Chan nails it when he identifies the most important analytic for you to concentrate on measuring:

"The most important metric of a QR campaign should not be the number of daily scans. Rather, the length of engagement time that your code is generating should be a marketer’s primary indicator of campaign success."

As Hamilton states "having a low number of scans should not discourage the advertiser. . . "

7. Social Media Analytics: are you broadcasting your use of QR codes on your Facebook page, Google+ page, blog, website, youtube account, and other social network sites? If you are making the effort to broadcast your QR code campaign are you tracking the analytics from these efforts?

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Debbie Laity
Cedaredge Land Company - Cedaredge, CO
Your Real Estate Resource for Delta County, CO

These are really some good points. I'm just starting to work with QR codes. Your blog is a good follow up to the one I wrote on using them. I hit the suggest button.

Nov 13, 2011 05:18 AM
Laura Allen, Lake Tahoe - Truckee Real Estate for Sale TahoeLauraRealEstate.com
Coldwell Banker, Tahoe City, CA (530) 414-1260 - Tahoe City, CA
Tahoe Real Estate Agent Helping Buyers and Sellers

Dean - Great questions I need to ask myself before I jump into using QR codes.  I thought it was a lot more simple than the issues you raised.  Good post.

Nov 13, 2011 05:27 AM
Curtis Van Carter
Better Homes & Gardens Wine Country Group - Yountville, CA
Your Napa Valley Broker Extraordinaire


I agree, some great suggestions. I have used qr codes a couple of times but haven't followed your suggestions but will do so in the future.

Nov 13, 2011 05:30 AM
Dean Guadagni
Inner Architect - San Rafael, CA

Debbie, thank you for the kind comment. Thank you for the "suggestion."

Curtis, I appreciate your feedback. I hope these suggestions help in your next campaign. Please keep us posted on how well things work out for you.

Laura, Many thanks for the kind comment! I too thought QR codes were much more simple to launch and utilize. Best of luck!


Nov 13, 2011 05:54 AM
Laura Filip
Laura Filip Broker , Opening doors for All Seasons of Life - Whitesboro, TX
What can we do for you today?

I am not so sure about these code things. I really do not like them at all What do they really do for us as a whole?

Nov 16, 2011 02:28 PM
Dean Guadagni
Inner Architect - San Rafael, CA

TLF Prop, QR codes aka Quick Response codes are another channel for prospective homebuyers or sellers to connect with you. They open a gateway that begins with a users mobile phone and ends with a mobile optimized landing page.

Mobile phone usage is exploding to the point where laptops will be obsolete within 5 years. If you want to connect with people who use their smartphones to find properties, it would help you if you learned about QR codes.


Nov 18, 2011 08:44 AM