Do You Practice Safety While Showing Properties?

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  • Be sure to use the lockbox property-key procedure that has been established to improve real estate agent safety. A reliable, secure lockbox system ensures that keys don’t fall into the wrong hands.


  • Show properties before dark. If you are going to be working after hours, advise your office manager, another agent or Broker of your schedule. If you must show a property after dark, turn on all lights as you go through, and don't lower any shades or draw curtains or blinds.


  • Try and call the office once an hour to let people know where you are.


  • On your listings, if you think it may be some time before the property may sell, get acquainted with a few of the immediate neighbors. You will feel better knowing they know your vehicle, and they will feel better about the stranger (you) who frequently visits their neighborhood.


  • Prepare a scenario so that you can leave if someone makes you uncomfortable.  Examples: You’ve missed a call from your office, you left some important information in your car, or another agent with buyers is on his way.


  • In showing a property, always leave the front door unlocked for a quick exit while you and the client are inside. As you enter each room, let the client enter first and stand near the door.


  • Women, lock your purse in the car trunk before you arrive. Carry only non-valuable business items (except for your cell phone), and do not wear expensive jewelry or watches.


  • Park at the curb rather than in the driveway. You will attract more attention running and screaming to the curb area. It is much easier to escape if you don't have to back your vehicle out of a driveway. Besides, parked in a driveway, another vehicle could purposefully or accidentally trap you.



These are helpful tips to practice ALWAYS!  No one wants to become a statistic.  Unfortunately there are bad people out there and keeping this tips at the forefront will increase your safety AND awareness!

Comments (3)

Sara Garden
Rocky Mountain Home Staging - Boulder, CO
MBA, HSE, HSR, APSD, Home Stager

These are really good tips - especially thinking about where to park your car. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 14, 2011 03:34 AM
Gabrielle Jeans
WebTech Dezine, Gabrielle Jeans Real Estate Coach - Toronto, ON
Real Estate Web Solution, Real Estate Trainer and Coach

"Try and call the office once an hour to let people know where you are" this is a great tip.

Nov 14, 2011 03:43 AM
Renee Butler
The Butler Team at Brokers Realty of CFI - Winter Haven, FL

I have been in the business for 33+ years so I love sharing my knowledge as much as I can.  We need to be careful and watch our out for bad situations. Keep your heads on you ladies and gentleman especially in these times when some people are becoming increasingly desperate to make ends meet.

Nov 14, 2011 03:47 AM