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How long before I have to do this again?

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Replacing or upgrading the many components in our home is a costly enterprise and one recurring question is always, “How long before I have to do this again?”

 Frankly, the answer will always be a little fuzzy, even to home inspectors, since it is an average of those that fail right out of the box and those that appear to cling to life far beyond our most outlandish expectations. It also does not take into account the fact that older, simpler machines may be expected to survive longer than newer, more complex units do and that weather and usage may influence individual results.

 This table, used in home inspections, should help in planning efforts.



Useful Life

Incandescent light bulb

1000 hours

Compact-Florescent light bulb

8000 hours

Furnace filter, disposable

1 to 3 months

Furnace filter, washable

2 to 3 years

Trash compactor

6 years

Smoke detector

5 to 7 years

Carbon Monoxide detector

5 to 7 years

Deck sealer

1 to 3 years


8 years


8 years

Exterior paint

6 to 10 years


8 to 9 years


9 years

Air conditioner (room)

10 years

Air conditioner (central)

15 years

Water heater (gas)

10 years

Water heater (electric)

11 years

Water heater (tank less)

20 years


11 years

Garbage disposal

12 years

Washing machine

12 years


13 years

Dish washer

13 years

Kitchen range (electric)

13 years

Asphalt drive

15 years

Kitchen range (gas)

15 years

Furnace (electric or gas)

15 to 18 years

Furnace (oil)

20 years

Hydronic boiler (electric)

13 years

Hydronic boiler (gas)

20 years

Thermostat (analog)

35 years

Thermostat (electronic)

5 to 10 years


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