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Rosendale NY is a town in the center of Ulster County. It at one time, had a village, but it was dissolved by a vote. The area was settled in 1685. The Town was formed for parts of Hurley, Marbletown and New Paltz in 1844. The age was well known for producing natural cement. The industry began during the construction of D and H Canal in 1825. Rosendale’s natural cement soon gained a reputation of being great quality. The area’s cement was used in the construction of many important land marks, including: the Brooklyn Bridge, The pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, Federal Hall and on of the wing of the United States Capital! Several abandon mines still exist in the area; one of the mines on the Snyder Estate is maintained as a section of museum to preserve the history of that industry in the town of Rosendale. Other mines have been put to various uses like mushroom farming and movie locations! One mine is used as storage for the Iron Mountain Company for back up tapes.

The area is centrally located. New York State Thruway 87 passes through the town. The Roundout Creek meets the Wallkill River just east of the town line. The area is located off of Router 32 in-between New Paltz and Kingston. The area is only 90 minutes away from the city. The New York Times recently did a piece about the area. Many people in Brooklyn that are art conscious hipsters have begun to migrate to the quaint little town. The area is affordable especialy when compared to the boroughs of the city! The town has the Brooklyn feel without the hassle or expense of living in Brooklyn. The area lacks a grocery store, but has four restaurants on Main Street alone. Ranging from normal faire, to vegan and vegetarian restaurants like The Rosendale Café. The areas restaurants are always host to live music nights, and wonderful events!

Rosendale has many events organized by the town; there is the Nationwide Famous Pickle Festival. It is generally held in November, but don’t worry about the weather! The International Pickle Festival is held in the Rosendale Community Center, and in tents on the property. So it doesn’t get terribly cold! And there are other things than delicious pickle there too. There are4a always performers. Many local schools put on musical performances. There are also many local vendors selling there products, from sweaters to other knick knacks! It is a great place to get a bite to eat, and then buy a little gift to take home!  There is also the Rosendale Street Festival that is held every year on a weekend in July. The admission is free, but any donations go to charity! There is music food and many other vendors. Rosendale is a very hip town, but without the manicured fuss of Woodstock and Stone Ridge, and with lower housing costs! They area is perfect for first time home buyers, single people, families and any other person you can think of! It is a pedestrian friendly town and conveniently located!

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