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THE FUTURE OF WOODLAND HILLS REAL ESTATE in my opinion is one of the brightest in the Valley.  For many years, Woodland Hills has been a sleepy suburb tucked away in the Southwest Valley.  When I first started in Real Estate in 1977 it was thought to be just a little too far out and the 101 Freeway made it an unattractive commute for many of the high income shakers and movers on the West Side.  At the same time, Woodland Hills was touted by a popular periodical, L.A. Magazine, as one of the safest areas of the city and one of the best areas for families.  The busing of school children which began in the early 1980's had a negative effect economically on Woodland Hills.  Many affluent families which had been previously locating in Woodland Hills due to the excellent schools now tended to buy closer to work and put their kids in private schools.  Other folks, dependent on the public school system tended to pass by Woodland Hills in preference of the new neighborhoods of Calabasas and the emerging Las Virgenes School District.  Woodland Hills however was not to be kept down.  Over a period of time, the lovely neighborhoods and lower prices once again began attracting young families.  The elementary schools became known as some of the best in the city and Taft and El Camino High Schools traded off winning the National Academic Achievement award for several years in a row. 

Another factor which contributes to the quality of life and is providing additional high level employment is the Warner Center.  Rapidly developed in the boom years of the 1980's, it became overbuilt and the towers sat practically empty through much of the 90's.  The buildings are now substantially full, even in these times, and the expansion of the Westfield Shopping Mall and entertainment center promises to bring even more jobs in the future.  State of the art Movie Theaters and a variety of traditional and eclectic clubs and restaurants are great centers for family entertainment and nightlife.

Woodland Hills had suffered a deeper recession than much of the Valley and began it's upward surge from a deeper hole.  Although, like the rest of the Valley it inflated very rapidly, it ramained primarily within the reach of most working families.  Most of the amenities now in place had just reached fruition shortly before 2007 and the area never really got to experience the economic boost that  this would have provided.  No longer a sleepy suburb, Woodland Hills is now the economic center of the West Valley.

It is only my opinion as a Real Estate Broker and long time resident of Woodland Hills, but prices that are affordable to young families, good schools, and a fabulous maturing economic base make Woodland Hills one of the most attractive investments and one of the best places in the city to locate your family.  If you would like more information on this great area, please contact me at 818-903-9039 or email to  If you would like to do your own research on the Real Estate in the Woodland Hills area please visit my website,     


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