Funk's Farm in Millersville to become Retirement Community

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Accoding to the Lancaster Newspapers, a "Retirement community for 300 planned adjacent to popular Millersville garden center - which will remain open."

Wow. Funk's Farm Market is a well known, local business that has operated on the south side of Millersville for decades. I can't image how much this will change that section of Millersvile, and quiet piece of Lancaster County. 

I am saddened a bit to see another farm be developed ... it almost seems to me that the very thing people would want to move here and retire is the very thing we are destroying is attracting them.  

The complete news story is here:

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When people who say they have lived there for decades and are in need of a small retirement home or assisted living and want to be near I am certain they will stop complaining.  THINGS CHANGE AND SO WILL THEY!!!!!!!
Nov 06, 2007 02:02 AM