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Greater Depression Of 2011 | Can You Afford The List, Wait & Continuously Reduce Method Of Selling?

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Recently Reported By the CBS Evening News Was Something Many Home Sellers Didn’t Pick Up On…

The Home Values Are Worse Now Than They Were During The Great Depression!  Watch This Report To Learn More!


If You Are Selling A Home, Can You Afford To List, Wait And Continuously Reduce The Price?

Why Not KNOW When Your Property Will Be Sold And Have The Assurance That It Is At True Market Value.

According To The National Association Of Realtors Auctions Sell At True Market Value

Before Letting The World KNOW What You Will Settle For By Putting A Price On A Property With The ONLY Assurance That Offers Will Come In Less, Consider Having Qualified Buyers Compete To Buy Your Property...  The Auction Method Of Selling Is The Future Of Real Estate Sales.  In Australia Over 85% Of Real Estate Is Sold At Auction.

As A Seller Can You Afford To Continue To Pay The Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes And Utilities While You Continuously Wait And Lower The Price More And More Because You Hear From A Realtor and/or Agent Say It Is Priced Too High?  Why Deal With Contingent Offers Waiting For Buyer Financing?

The Auction Method Provides The Cleanest Transaction With Qualified Buyers Competing To Purchase The Property Where The Price Only Goes One Direction - UP!

Would You Reconsider The Sales Method Today BEFORE You List Your Property?  Remember, It Is Game Over Once You Show Your Hand By Putting A Price Tag On The Property...  You Now Have An Alternative To Letting The World Know What Price You Will Settle For When Selling Real Estate...