Charlottesville Cooking School, It's Time for the Holidays

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thanksgiving in charlottesvilleWhen people talk about how great it is to live in Charlottesville, they will almost always add a sentence or two about the great food we have here in Charlottesville.  Where else would you find so many wonderful grocery stores... from the Krogers-Harris Teeters-Giants to the Whole Foods-Carriage House - Foods of All Nations.  And there are more in between.  Then, there are the specialty markets... Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and more!  Chocolate - we have hand-made chocolate.  Restaurants!  Really great restaurants...  But what about cooking at home?  Well, there's a lot of special at-home cooking that goes on every day, of course.  When you're ready to venture into something new for your own kitchen, there's the Charlottesville Cooking School.  I am bringing it to your attention today, because we are but days away from the beginning of the Holiday Season, and the Charlottesville Cooking School is offering a 3.5 hours class on holiday side dishes this coming Friday.  Take a look at the many offerings for holiday cooking over the next several weeks, and COOK & EAT WELL! 

charlottesville cooking school


Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

Virginia * I have not heard of this school and think it is an awesome idea.  People who want to order their dinners from "Foods" needs to do so ASAP - they were packed yesterday!

Nov 15, 2011 11:32 PM