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If you want to show your Lansdale home off while it is for sale, an open house is a great way.   A scheduled appointment by a qualified buyer is the more likely to result in an offer to purchase though.   But whenever you open your Lansdale home to a stranger, you must think about privacy.   Buyers will look through cabinets, closets, storage areas to get a sense of where they might store their things.   Protect your confidential information and valuables before you put your Lansdale house on the market.
Buyers don't typically go through your furniture, especially not during a showing with a realtor.    But it is still a good idea to remove valuables and confidential information.   Go through all drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.   Remove prescriptions, bills, personal letters, jewelry.   It is always a good idea to store heirlooms, breakables, sentimental items away.   If you are moving, you will be boxing these up anyway, so this is as good a time as any.
Your Lansdale home should be a clean slate. You should think of protecting your things, but also your identity.   Diplomas, wedding photos, licenses should all be stored away.   Shut down your computer, hide your Ipad, laptop, workbook away.   If you have an answering machine, consider turning the volume off so buyers don't hear personal messages.
Give buyers a blank canvas. 
 Lansdale home
It is a little unsettling, the idea of strangers being in your Lansdale home. But hopefully it will be for a short period of time. And these simple tasks will make your life a little less stressful during the process.
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