NC Green Building and the wave of the future

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There is now the buzz word Green Building that has the attention of both Sellers, Buyers and Realtors.

Recently WS Board of Realtors had a bus to a green community to view methods and types of construction. There were several issues that i felt had room to improve bring the cost into a competitive range. Having an on site recycling center would greatly reduce the amount of land fill space used and give an example to future home owners. This does not have to be unsightly and can be to promote the "green" philosophy.

Another aspect is the the recycling (as it were) of existing homes. This will come from consumers and Realtors in the form of demanding products that are energy wise. The next step that is coming up is the tank-less water-heater. This is brought up often and more consumers ask and purchase this product, both the cost and availability will improve.

Please visit give suggestions on ways to premote this issues of "Green"

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