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Going mobile with your virtual tours

Services for Real Estate Pros with Virtual Tidewater

Our virtual tour software provider recently came out with a mobile version of their tour platform.  This adds some great new ways to reach buyers and show off the virtual tour.  The software automatically determines if you are looking at the tour from a phone or computer and chooses the correct format.  This is a great feature - if you tweet the link, someone who follows the link from their phone will see the mobile format and someone who follows the same link from their computer will see to regular format.

Other ways to use this technology is to add a QR code to print marketing.  If someone is flipping through a homes magazine, they can easily see more photos of the house by scannig the QR code even if they are not near a computer.  A potential buyer might be driving through the neighborhood and picked up your flyer -  they can view more photos instantly instead of having to drive home and get on the computer.  You can also impress the neighbors with the technology on your just listed cards.  That's just a few of the possibilities.