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Located almost as far south as one can get in mainland Florida is a unique piece of real estate in South Florida called Homestead.  Just north of Florida City, the last city before one enters the Florida Keys chain of islands, Homestead Fl real estate is in the extreme southern portion of Miami-Dade County.  However, visiting Homestead is unlike visiting almost anywhere else in South Florida, particularly Miami-Dade County.  When most think of Miami, they envision a thriving metropolis of tall buildings, bustling streets, and a densely packed population.  Homestead, however, is much more agricultural than business-oriented, more country than city.  In fact, agriculture is the primary economic venture in the suburb as Homestead is home to a large amount of nurseries and farms.  This reliance on and emphasis of nature is clearly evident throughout Homestead real estate for sale.

Many of the most popular homes for sale in Homestead Fl are located in one community - The Redlands.  Homes for sale in the Redlands Homestead Fl very much embody the Homestead natural feel.  Named The Redlands because of the large amount of red clay and rock that make up the vistas here, the natural landscape is further enhanced by the wide open spaces throughout the neighborhood.  Redlands Homestead Fl homes are typically situated on an acre or more of land with an abundance of foliage and wild animals found around the community.  Homes in the Redlands Homestead feature sizable floorplans and square footage, with all homes having at least 3 bedrooms, many with more.  Other home features include designer upgrades and unique architecture for each home.  With demand for Redlands homes for sale growing, the area surrounding this great neighborhood has continued developing as well and now features everything needed for residents.  Another popular neighborhood is Keys Gate at Homestead.

If Homestead is not what you are looking for, another option for fantastic Miami Fl real estate for sale is Doral.  Homes for sale in Doral are more centrally located than the homes in Homestead, and can be found at every pricepoint, including Doral foreclosures and Doral short sales.


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