Why your blog "bounce rate" should scare you into better writing

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The Music City Lifestyles Tech Support department (my wife, Gina) and I were talking about this subject this very morning. "Why is our bounce rate so high?" People are clicking in yet our bounce rate is not great/ Our click to contact ratio is not what we'd want it to be either. Cudos to Bryan for giveing us a little insight into the ever-morphing world of SEO. 

PS: Anybody nnotice how low interest rates are?

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Even if you're not a "techie" you need to know what your bounce rate is.  The term "bounce rate" is the percentage of website visitors who come to your site and view only one page.  Without getting too technical, it's something that you usually track from the top level of your domain such as a Wordpress blog at www.mylocaltown.com.  When someone lands on that page and clicks on NOTHING ELSE within the domain before going to another website, that's considered a "bounce". The higher the bounce rate, the more people are just stopping by and leaving - not exactly why you blog so much.

A quick word on good bounce rates:

  • 20-25% is considered very good for most sites
  • 30-40% is considered acceptable
  • 50% or more is a sign you need to work on your site

If you have a bounce rate of 100%, it means people come to your blog and don't click any of the links to see anything beyond what they see on the first page.  So, what does this mean for you as a blogger?  It all depends on your site.

Blogs are typically long pages with lots of stories, not just the single most recent story.  So, part of what gets people to read more of your site is navigation.  A website that is well formatted will do more to encourage readers to explore than writing a lead story that sounds like Shakespeare.  My suggestion is that you use a professional format and have it configured to make finding stories easy.  Write well and organize well and you'll see a good bounce rate.

The other factor to consider is the overall quality of the content.  If you read your articles and they just don't "pop", even if you have a professionally designed website, then perhaps it's time to consider bumping up your writing game.  On this, the best advice I can offer is to read those folks who get featured a lot.  A critical attribute of fearured writers is that the articles are typically well written and formatted.  Consider that and see where you can improve.

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Bryan Robertson
Los Altos, CA

Thanks for reblogging!  And yes, I've noticed rates are incredibly low.  Saw a start rate at 3% - wow!

Nov 18, 2011 02:20 AM