When You Need a Land Surveyor

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The David Pozy Show recently had special guest, Tim Howell of Tennessee Land Development Services, on the show to educate listeners about land survey. Howell explained to viewers that there are a lot of different elements that goes into deciding boundaries. There were a significant amount of questions and feedback from this broadcast, so here is a summary from our show:

Differences in PUD, Townhouse, and Condo:

Before a land surveyor can help you understand your property lines, it is important to know which type of home you inhabit. PUD stands for, Planned Unit of Development, and is essentially a single-family home, where the ownership of the home is legally treated that way. A PUD is a part of a larger development, like a neighborhood, so it is similar to a condo or a townhouse. PUD’s are different than condos and townhouses, because even though you own your PUD, you generally pay an association to keep up the neighborhood. Condos and townhouses are legally the same thing, because they have the same type of ownership. The difference in these dwellings is the architectural way they are built. Condos are generally in an apartment style complex, while townhouses, look like individual homes in a small community.

Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

Land surveyors are necessary to hire when you need to find out boundaries or features of your land. Usually an up-to-date survey is not kept on record, so if you or your neighbor are planning on building a fence or home addition, developing, or landscaping, hiring a land surveyor is essential to avoid a lawsuit. They will insure that your project will meet local codes and building requirements, which will help you, avoid a headache in the future.

Hiring land surveyors is extremely important for homeowners to accurately decide property lines. This way you will know where your property ends, which will help you, avoid disputes with your neighbors.

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