Benefits of Auctioning Your Home

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Considering we have a slowing house market, many home buyers and sellers find it difficult to make a worthy transaction. Auctions are an effective alternative to traditional selling, because they provide benefits to the buyer, seller, and realtor. Auctions are an innovative way to sell or buy a home, and provide an accelerated real estate marketing process.

Benefits for the Seller:

Auctioning off a home is a great way to sell, and provides several benefits to the seller. A slowing housing market results in buyers who may not be prepared to give top dollar for a home. Auctions assure the sellers that their property will be sold at market value. The slowing housing market also results in several buyers viewing the property without intention of buying the home. An auction insures that potential buyers are serious about purchasing your property, and it creates competition among the potential buyers. This competition accelerates the sale, and puts your property in the public eye which will result in a fair sell of the property.

Benefits for the Buyer:

Aside from being beneficial to sellers, buyers also benefit from purchasing a property during an auction. Not only will auctions provide a fair price for the buyers, the buyers also get to determine the purchase price. A slowing market often results in sellers not being entirely ready to sell their home, so an auction shows that the seller is committed to selling their property. This cuts down on long negotiation periods between the buyer and seller, and results in an effective and fair transaction.

Benefits for the Realtor:

Being a buyer or seller in a slowing market is trying, but the realtor truly feels the disadvantages of a slow market. Auctions provide a beneficial experience for realtors, because they obtain a list of qualified buyers. Realtors learning the trade of an auctioneer can help them brand their realtor business, which will help create their own market niche in a slowing market. Buyers and realtors both feel the negative effects of a dissolved housing deal, so an auction assures both parties that a fair price will be negotiated.

Auctions are an efficient way to buy or sell a home, and have several benefits to all parties involved. Auctions provide a fair and conducive out to buying or selling a home, which is a great answer to a slowing market.

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We have a few agents who offer auction services, I love bringing a buyer to the table.   Neogiated in 1 minute, and done! 

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