My Website is Worthless!

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You paid someone a pretty penny or you spent countless hours working yourself to establish a presence on the internet in the hopes of sitting back and watching the clients stream in from your website. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. In fact if you're a normal Realtor, your website is only bringing in 3% of your clients. That's 1 client out of every 33!

Your website is worthless!

So you have a choice to make. You can go on paying your monthly fee for maintenance on something that is obviously not doing the job or you can do something about it. There are hundreds of agents who look to the internet for the majority of their business. With a little bit of work, you can join them. So let's get started.

There are 2 reasons your not seeing the results you hoped your online presence would bring in the way of new clients.

1. Your website is an information site not a Lead Capture Site.
2. Your website is buried on the back pages of Google where no one can find it.

We'll talk about #1 today.

As Realtors we are sold on the fact that our website has to have lots of information. From the website seller's standpoint the more bells and whistles, the more they can charge, both upfront and in monthly maintenance. The net result is you end up with an impersonal, bloated website that looks like a million others who all have the SAME bells and whistles. Did anyone ever explain to these sellers the average stick rate of a potential customer once they arrive at the site? It's seconds not minutes before they are off somewhere else (often directed there by our website itself). Information websites are OK for PAST clients coming back to you, but they stink at getting a new potential client to take action and contact you for an appointment.  Personally, I don't like these sites at all. They are pretty and all but my belief is it you're spending money online, you should be getting a return on your investment. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

So what's a Lead Capture Site? A LCS is designed with one thought in mind. Get the potential client to contact you NOW through either phone or email.

It has 3 main characteristics.

1. It's very simple and uncluttered. There's not a lot to do once you land there.
2. It attempts to establish trust with any visitor that lands there.
3. It has a strong call to action to contact you immediately.

Lead Capture Demo Site

Here's an example of a Lead Capture Site: . By the way, this is an example only. There is indeed a Joan Foster who sells real estate but the picture is not her, the website is not hers and the testimonials are not hers. She's just a friend.

Can you see the difference between THENEXTCALL.COM and a traditional RE website. It may not be the prettiest or the most professional looking but, believe me, potential buyers who land on that website are much more likely to contact Joan.

And that's the whole purpose of a website right?...  to get new clients.

My next few blogs will cover the 2nd part of the formula. Getting on the first page of Google. It's not near as hard as you've been told.

See you all next time!


Comments (4)

Kathy Toth
Ann Arbor Market Center Keller Williams - Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor Real Estate Experts - Kathy Toth Team

I looked at the site and I like to search in peace and quiet.  Do you like having someone talk to you when you enter the site?

Nov 17, 2011 01:25 PM
Cheryl Dickson
Retired Realtor / Retired Home Inspector - Oklahoma City, OK
Retired Realtor, GRI / Retired Home Inspector

My son has a coulpe of businesses, and uses capture pages instead of a traditional website and is very happy with the results. He builds beautiful websites, yet he chooses to use the capture pages for his business.

Nov 17, 2011 01:38 PM
Mike Moffitt
Referral Resource Center, Inc. - Bayport, MN
Unconventional Real Estate Marketing
Cheryl, your son understands that the point is to capture new clients.
Nov 17, 2011 02:22 PM
Mike Moffitt
Referral Resource Center, Inc. - Bayport, MN
Unconventional Real Estate Marketing
Kathy, It's not what WE like that matters. As you said, when you SEARCH, you like to do it in peace and quiet. The point of a lead capture site is to get the prospective client to STOP searching and take action.
Nov 17, 2011 02:27 PM