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Lifestyle in Nampa, Idaho is enhanced by Northwest Nazarene University. Colleges and Universities around our nation have contributed to communities in many ways.  Lifestyle, or how a community lives out its beliefs, is one area of contribution which is most noticeable.  Politically, some Universities are blamed for setting a liberal mindset and some a conservative one, which plays out in either a liberal or conservative lifestyle of social interactions.  For example, Berkley, CA is commonly perceived as the birth place of the sexual revolution of the 60’s.

In Nampa, ID we have a University.  It contributes to our lifestyle.  But, the politics of our Nampa, Idaho
community is only one part of the contribution which our University makes to our lifestyle.  Because of its mission to prepare young people for making a positive and unselfish contribution where ever they live after graduation, the community of Nampa receives the fallout of this mission in many ways.

I live in Nampa.  For the third time!  I have lived and worked literally from coast to coast in America.  Not quite as far East as one could go (just to New Jersey, just across the George Washington bridge from New York City) but as far west as is possible.  There is nothing past Hawaii.

I live in Nampa because I like the lifestyle.  In Nampa, it is common for me to encounter acquaintances many times a day as I carry on with my normal activities in Nampa businesses, many of which are unrelated to the real estate business. I feel safe

Purchasing a home in Nampa is the introduction to a positive lifestyle.

HUD homes, Bank owned properties, and short sales are playing a major role in the prices of homes in Nampa, as they are in almost every community in America.  In Nampa it is a good time to buy but a tough time to sell.

For people who want a home to live in or an “owner occupied” buyer (as opposed to an investor)  have several advantages.  HUD homes are restricted to “owner occupied” buyers for the first two weeks they are placed on the market.  Some Bank owned properties give similar preference to families who plan to occupy the home.

Lifestyle in Nampa, Idaho could begin with your purchase of a home.

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Kayla Schill
CBH Homes | CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc. - Nampa, ID
New Home Ninja

The selection of great universities in Idaho is small but growing!  NNU is a fabulous school and I love that it is in our own backyard.  Nampa truly is a wonderful place to live.

Dec 01, 2011 12:58 PM