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I have been talking by email to a potential new client for the past month.  His apartment lease expires soon, and he wants to lease a two bedroom townhouse in Plano, Texas.  His budget is $1200 a month for rent.  I have him on a prospect gateway that automatically sends him new listings.
Why do I want this new client who is looking for a $1200 a month townhouse for lease in Plano Texas?
Plano, TX TownhouseHe asked me yesterday if I would show him one of the townhomes that is available in Plano.  Although the one he asked to see has 3 bedrooms and is listed for $1350 a month, I decided to show it to him since it is vacant and is similar to what we could expect to find in a typical townhouse for lease in Plano, Texas.  It would give him an idea of what the market is like in the area.
The showing went well.  The Plano townhouse was in great condition. 
I told this young man that there were two bedroom townhouses in Plano, Texas that come on the market from time-to-time, and can be leased for $1200-$1400 a month.  He said he would call me when one pops up on his prospect gateway.  I will keep in touch with him.
I fully expect I will eventually lease him a townhouse in Plano, Texas. and my commission from the transaction will be about $350.
Is this client worth the effort for a potential commission of $350?  
Yes! I will give him the same great level of service he would get if he was buying a home.
My experience tells me that some lease clients turn into purchase clients. 
Plus, I'm sure this young man has friends and family.  If I give him outstanding service, maybe, just maybe, he will tell them about me.  I want to serve him, his friends, and his family for the next several years, and I will tell him that.
So that is why I want this lease client, and will work hard to find him just the right townhouse for lease in Plano, Texas. 
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