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I am grateful this Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for the people I am blessed to work with and to have work to do.  I am grateful for the sense of honor and pride taken in the jobs that my teammates take in their every mindful of "customer first".

I am grateful to live in a city that values kindness and hospitality.  Jacksonville is one of the friendliest cities, even in the part of the country known for hospitality.  I am grateful to live in a state that is known for its sunny days, mild winters, fabulous waterways and ocean.

On a very serious level, I am grateful to live in Jacksonville where most people have a roof over their heads and food to provide their children.  The future is still hopeful and anticipation of economic growth is alive and well on our First Coast.Give Thanks

I am thankful for all that give their very best in all they do.  I am thankful to be freely able to write what I think, believe in my God, and the freedom to publicly ask and put in print....

God Bless You and your family,


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