Have You Considered a Short Sale in Quail Lodge Carmel Valley?

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Do you owe more on your home than it is worth?




Are you having trouble making your mortgage payments?




Are you already behind on your mortgage payments?




Has your interest rate adjusted to make it unaffordable now?




Do you need to refinance but can't because your house won't appraise for more than your loan amount?




Do you need to sell your house, but owe more than it can be sold for?




Do you think that you may enter into foreclosure on your home?




If you are possibly facing foreclosure, do you know the possible consequences if you have recourse loans?








If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it is likely that you are in danger of foreclosure. You are not alone and THERE ARE SOLUTIONS. Whether your goal is to keep your home or to move on and walk away, there are solutions to avoid foreclosure.




  When purchasing a home, nobody anticipates a foreclosure down the road.  In the current state of the economy, many home owners are finding themselves in this situation. If it is you, you are not alone.

  If you want to avoid imminent foreclosure, and a loan modification is not viable, a short sale may be your only option.  You need not worry about Realtor Fees or commissions, the bank will pay any/all commissions for the seller to get the property sold. 

  It is crucial to be proactive and get started right away. Every one's short sale situation is different. You may or may not qualify. In addition, there are many factors to consider and become very familiar with in order to make sound decisions such as: recourse debt, non-recourse debt, sold out junior, subordinate liens, state and federal tax guidelines etc. 




Visit my Short Sale page for more information on Short Sales in the Quail Lodge Community of Carmel Valley San Diego.




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