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Engage Your Buyers Senses When Selling Your Home in Pullman WA

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Five Senses To Appeal To Your Pullman WA Buyers!
You are wanting to sell your Pullman Washington Home on the Real Estate Market.  Here is a new twist on reaching your buyers.  Try to engage as many sense as possible for your buyers.  We all know there are five senses which include the following: touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing.There are a lot of ways we can bring our buyers senses to a heightened awareness of what your home has to offer,  but here are just a few ideas to help you kick start your showings!
1.  Touching - There is more to this aspect than you might first think.  From the opening of the door knob, to the feeling of the carpet under our feet, and even to the feel of that smooth granite counter top we are engaging our buyers sense of touch.  If you have a heated floor, leave it on so your buyer feels the warmth of the tiles under foot.  On a cold winter’s day it will be appreciated.
 2. Tasting - You might be surprised how easy this one is to accomplish.  I can’t begin to tell you how appreciated a small token left out on the counter just for your buyers can do.  This can be really very easy from a few bottles of water or maybe a plate of cookies left for your buyers to enjoy.  Again your buyers will be lingering just a bit longer, and regardless if this the house for them or not, they will remember your home with good vibes.
 3.  Hearing  - This is where some nice soft music is appreciated.  It feels the house with energy and life.  And if you have a wired sound system, turn it on in every room you have it so the buyers can’t miss this great feature of your home.
 4.  Smell - This one is pretty obvious but often misunderstood.  A fresh, clean smell is what we are going for here.  Like a clean fresh breeze after a rain. Don’t overload with strong smells or hard chemicals as many people are very sensitive to smell.  And by all means, make sure there are no pet smells.
 5.  Seeing - This is the major sense that your buyers are going to be using
once they walk into your home.  You want your home to be pleasing to the eye. So keep it spacious and try to provide a nice and peaceful flow to the eye, yet still highlight the features that make your home special.
 When you bring your buyers senses to the surface, you really can provide a full and engaging showing for your home.  Remember, a lot of people buy the home that not only has the features they are looking for but the feel that they are looking for.  Make sure your home is one that gives those Pullman buyers that great feeling, the feeling that says you are home!


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I like your comments.  It definately helps to stay ahad of the game and plan your showings.  

Jan 20, 2016 08:14 AM