Costly mistakes even smart people make when buying a home

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        Just as you would demand the services of a skilled attourney to guide and protect you through the legal process, you should also demand the services of a skilled and committed REALTOR, who recognizes that buying a home is a complex process which impacts every aspect of your life.  Your real estate consultant should be committed to guiding and protecting you during this process, always putting your needs first, and ensuring that you avoid the costly mistakes that can occur.  Here are a few tips:

1.  Financial Un-preparedness:  Buyers often start looking for houses before arranging the financing.  This can result in paying too much for the house and the loan, or worse, not getting the house of their dreams at all!  The best place to start is with a lender.  That way a buyer can shop for the best financing and then, with pre-approval, make the best deal on a new home.  Some listing agents wont even accept an offer unless the buyer is pre-approved!  The best way to find a good lender is through an experienced REALTOR.

2.  Bidding Based on List Price:  Many buyers, once they've found a house they like, will make an offer based on the asking price.  They may pay full price or start 5-10% below.  Either way, it may cost them dearly.  The asking price may have no relationship to the actual value of the property.  A REALTOR is in the best position to gather information for a buyer based on true market value of a property.  Then, as an unemotional third party, the REALTOR is better positioned to negotiate a good deal for the buyer.

        I offer 7 more "Costly Mistakes" that I will email to you by clicking my Email Me link and asking for the "9 Costly Mistakes Even Smart People Make When Buying A  Home."   

        I am a full service REALTOR who knows the Clark County, Washington real estate market well, and I have been a local resident my whole life.  As a professional buyers agent and consultant know for a fact that finding the home of your dreams isn't a challenge for me, it's my pleasure!  As a professional buyers agent also know that all of my services are 100% FREE to you, as the listing agent of the home always pays any fees involved.  I will search every possible listing in every possible area to find the home that you've been missing.  Call Byeloth Hermanson today at 360-521-7729 so I am able to understand the exact criteria you need in your next home.  I look forward to finding you the home of your dreams!                                                                                   




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