Winter Update: Should you invest on winter tires?

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Your family plans to spend the winter holidays around leisure areas in the Greater Vancouver area, where winter is considered mild. You are starting to pack those winter clothes, checking out parks and events. Your vehicle might also need to change tires to make sure you drive safely through snow. But will it be worth it?

Your four-wheel drive or all-terrain vehicles can provide great traction in any weather, but they can also be hazardous as any kind of vehicle when you switch the tires to an all-season or M&S tires for the winter. An all-season tire can only work fine for temperatures 7C or higher. Drop zero temp will make the tire too hard and lose its grip on the snow. Winter tires are specifically designed for this kind of work. Plus, their deeper thread patters provide better traction, removing snow and water away from the tire as it rotates. Over all, winter tires perform incredibly well than the usual all-season tires.

As we all know, winter tires come rather expensive than the all-season tires. You have to spend on all four wheels, (since it is never recommended to use only 2 winter tires for the front). The costs can easily go anywhere $600 plus extra for mounting and a set of seasonal steel rims. In a general perspective, yes, you need to invest on snow tires for your safety.

But let us take a look at your winter routine. If you regularly drive back and forth to a city, drive your kids to a hockey game, and run errands on downtown often, then investing on winter tires will be all worth it. However, if you live in a highly urbanized condo, with easy access to transportation the minute winter comes in, it may be better if you just take public transport instead. Let others do the winter driving instead of you, while you can.

Winter driving is part of life in Canada. But it does not always mean that we have to endure most of it. Spring is still far off in next year so consider putting switching to snows and have a  safe winter driving ahead.
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