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 My Dad who was rare to give compliments told me this right after I had grown up and left the nest.  He told me he appreciated how I cared for the things he gave me.  One of the items he referred to was a ten-speed bike he gave me as a young teenager.  He noticed years later how the bike was still in like new condition.  I shared this story because below you will see the potential life span of nearly everything concerning a home.  The suggested life will depend on how well these items are regularly serviced and maintained!


Life Estimate in Years <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Dishwashers<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->5 to 12<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Disposals<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->5 to 12<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Washers and dryers<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 12 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Water heaters<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 12<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Refrigerators<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Stoves<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20<!--mstheme-->
Gutters and Downspouts<!--mstheme-->
Life Estimate in Years<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Galvanized<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Copper<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->Life of home if well-maintained <!--mstheme-->
Heating and Air Conditioning<!--mstheme-->
Life Estimate in Years<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Warm air furnace<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 12<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Heat pumps<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 12<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Air conditioning compressors<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 15 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Gas chillers<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 15<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Hot water boilers<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->30 to 50 <!--mstheme-->
Life Estimate in Years<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Gas hot water heater<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->8 to 12 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Electric hot water heater<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->10-15 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Private disposal systems (septic) <!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 25<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Galvanized water pipes<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->30 to 50 <!--mstheme-->
Life Estimate in Years<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Selvage or asphalt roll<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->12 to 20 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Wood shake and shingle<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20 <!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Asphalt <!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Fiberglass<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->15 to 20<!--mstheme-->
<!--mstheme-->Asbestos shingle<!--mstheme--> <!--mstheme-->30-50<!--mstheme-->


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