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The houses in Costa Mesa are akin to what is commonly believed about snowflakes “no two are alike.”  There are many different “neighborhoods” and myriad home styles to go along with these different neighborhoods.  I struggle to think how many homes in Costa Mesa can actually be considered in their original condition.  There cannot be many, that is for sure.

With all of these different home styles and different phases of renovation, from the most basic bathroom upgrade to the full-fledged tear down, it is important to get a qualified home inspection done to help you determine the age of some of these alterations  and the execution them.  The beauty of homes in Costa Mesa is that a good number of them have crawl spaces under the house and this is where a lot of information will be revealed.  Other tell-tale signs of workmanship turn up on the roof, in the electrical panel, the attic, and any of the visible portions of the plumbing and heating system.  The quality of the workmanship gives an idea of the whole picture; were the tradesmen professionals who paid attention to detail and have pride in their work, or was it just another paycheck.  With an experienced and tenured home inspector who has a lot of work experience with older homes, this determination can be made.  

Home inspectors see things very differently than you and I.  They are able to look at the aggregate and come up with an assessment of the whole.  They are not swayed by how nice the crown molding is or how cute the tile is in the kid’s bathroom.  They see the how bad the compound miter is and the fact that the tiles are meant for the wall and not the floor.  It is the little things that give away the truth of the home and no amount of wall paper, paint or floor coverings can hide this.

And do not forget to go to city hall and view all of the permits that were issued for the alterations.  
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